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Current Time: Mon Jan 17 2022, 10:43 AM GMT
Item #1642611187
The Unexplained 8 DVD Box Zombies,Vampires,Exorcist,Alie
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Current Bid: 23.99 - ( Dutch Fixed Price )
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Dutch Auction: yes
Time left: 2 Days 6 Hrs
Started: Wed Jan 05 2022, 04:55 PM
Ends: Wed Jan 19 16:53:07 2022
Quantity: 2 Number Sold: None
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Sellers Location: co mayo, ireland
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The Unexplained 8 DVD Box
Zombies,Vampires,Exorcist,Aliens,Ghosts, PolterGeist

The Unexplained

8 DVD Boxset

All 8 discs & all 8 inner cases excellent condition

The reason for GOOD condition is the outer case has a tear on 1 corner.

Its fixed and perfectly usable & the joint where repaired can only be seen on the joint if you pick the item up.IE its on the bottom.

Otherwise the outer sleeve is in very good condition.







Disc 1. Hauntings 1 x 47:00 min Tales of haunted houses are a mainstay of horror movies. But what can be made of people's claims that real-life ghosts have turned their homes into places of terror? This revealing programme introduces three families who are convinced their houses are haunted. Disc 2. Poltergeists 1 x 46:00 min The name conjures up images of vengeful spirits and chilling manifestations. But what is a poltergeist? Are they demons, ghosts or the manifestation of the psychic energy of a living person? We probe the minds of the people who have seen poltergeists firsthand and dramatic reenactments and chilling interviews bring these terrifying encounters to life. Disc 3. Exorcists 1 x 46:00 min The true story behind the events depicted in the movie THE EXORCIST. Meet the priest who performed an exorcism of a 14 year old boy in 1949, learn how they're performed today and hear the disturbing claims of some fundamentalist groups that use exorcism as a justification for brutal beatings of women and children. Disc 4. Speaking with the Dead 1 x 45:00 min Man has always been fascinated with death. Throughout history there have been people who claim to be able to communicate with those who have passed on. SPEAKING WITH THE DEAD sheds light on humanity's long-standing desire to speak with those beyond the grave. Disc 5. Apontaneous Human Combustion 1 x 45:00 min It is said to consume its victims from the inside out, turning them to cinders while leaving their surroundings relatively untouched. Sometimes the fire is so localised that the victim's torso and head are destroyed while the legs and hands actually remain intact. This extraordinary programme investigates the most controversial of phenomena and the hardest to explain. Disc 6. Close Encounters 1 x 47:00 min They are the hardcore believers of the UFO movement. They risk ridicule and government wrath in their attempts to expose the truth about sightings and possible landings. They are the Saucer Seekers. THE UNEXPLAINED goes on the case with these paranormal detectives to see how they work and what they have found. Disc 7. Zombies 1 x 47:00 min They are the stuff of horror movies - re-animated corpses who rise from the grave to torment the living. But could there be a real-life basis for zombies? Dramatic reenactments and extensive evidence from both sides make this a reasoned, compelling examination of one of the more fantastic superstitions on earth - the belief in zombies. Disc 8. Vampires 1 x 47:00 min The legend spawned by Vlad the Impaler and made famous by Bram Stoker's Dracula has taken on a life of its own. While most people believe that vampires are the stuff of horror movies, there are people who call themselves vampires and live their lives accordingly. This programme reveals two real-life blood-sucking vampire cases.

All our dvds and games are REGION 2 PAL. Ireland, Uk, Europe, EU, Standard.

If a buyer is purchasing this dvd from OUTSIDE EUROPE. Please note. You will need a REGION FREE dvd player to play this dvd.

PLEASE NOTE. Our item's are listed as REGION 2. If purchasing from outside europe. It is the buyers responsibility to know their own region codes.

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Condition of Item: Good
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The Unexplained 8 DVD Box Zombies,Vampires,Exorcist,Alie
Item # - 1642611187

The Dutch Item Price Each Is: 23.99

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