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Current Time: Sun Jun 07 2020, 02:53 AM BST
Item #1592648367
Bingo 75 Machine voice caller, sheet printer
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Started: Thu May 21 2020, 11:21 AM
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Sellers Location: Palm Coast Florida 32137 USA
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Tombola Machine 75 ball American Oral calls

Everything you need to pay Bingo with your PC.
You get Tombola, Bingo 90 for the same price (Play in eight languages)
Check Competition
With free shipping this is the lowest price on eBay
Print the free card and give Bingo to your friends as a Christmas gift, a good stocking stuffer. Competition charging $5.00 for shipping.
Can they validate a winner with a card number?
Check our feedback,
Great Product !! No Probs Font !! Easy Shipping !! Excellent Seller !! AAA+++
Nice program, used in a treatment facility to keep up spirits...
It's gonna work great! Thanks! User friendly
Good Transaction, Thanks!
Love the Bingo Program!! Great Ebay Seller! Thanks
I really like this ..Fast Service !!! How do I set the timer ?
Easy to download, Easy to Operate, GREAT Price for Product! Recommend to ALL!

BingoPal, Software to run your Bingo Parlor.

Your Computer and a printer is all you need

BingoPal lets your personal computer perform all of the functions and more of a more expensive Bingo Machine costing thousand of dollars.. Handles pricing, prizes. Why pay for preprinted bingo paper sheets. Prints Customized Bingo Card Sets on plain paper. Billions of cards possible, up to 100,000 at a time. You can even register and use your favorite slider cards. Regular and many special patterns, Full verification of bingos based on 5 digit card number. Provides for automatic random selection or input from cage, blower, or card deck. Calls in English. Display includes Flashboard, Bingo Card results, last ball, number of balls, game number and timer setting. Send the output to large screen TVs and you can run an entire bingo parlor with this software. After payment, the item is delivered by Internet download. Why wait for the mail, pay with PayPal and you can be playing today. If you need a cd, just burn the downloaded .exe file and you are ready to go. This lets you play Bingo in a group environment such as a Dormitory or Residence with out a large capital investment. Perfect fund raising activity for a church, charitable or non profit organization. If you are considering Bingo as a fund raiser, this software can save you thousands of dollars with a very modest investment. We have an unconditional money back guarantee. Using one of the new printers, you can use this as a point of sale device. If you are not satisfied for any reason, notify us and we will refund every penny you have paid. You can't loose with this deal.

Generated Bingo Sheets

Bingo Status Display

Bingo Validation



Introduction to BingoPal

Bingo was originally called Beano. It was played where a dealer would select random numbers and players would mark their cards with beans. They yelled Beano every time they thought they had won. The results had to be verified by the dealer before they were awarded the prize.

The version we know today came from Europe. When the game reached North America in 1929, it was still known as "Beano". It was first played in Georgia where a New York toy salesman, Edwin S. Lowe renamed it "Bingo" after he overheard someone accidentally yell Bingo instead of Beano. In the thirties, a Catholic Priest from Pennsylvania used this game to raise funds in churches. This was how Bingo became so popular in America.

Bingo cards

Each bingo card has 24 different numbers with a free space in the center with 5 columns. Each column on a bingo card starts with one of the letters in the word BINGO. The column letters are used to group and more easily identify the numbers contained in each column below. The distribution is as follows:

B five numbers from 1 to 15
I five numbers from 16 to 30
N four numbers from 31 to 45. The central spot is always free, so no number in it.
G five numbers from 46 to 60
O five numbers from 61 to 75

Bingo has a huge variety of patterns to win. The winner must be the first one to have all the numbers included in that particular pattern.

The patterns can be a straight line in any direction: vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Other patterns include three or the four corners of the board, shapes such as the letter T, a kite, a sword, or an arrow.

BingoPal is semi-automatic Bingo call software for your PC. It turns your computer into a Bingo machine. You can use it to generate and print your own customized bingo cards. Register and use your favorite slider cards. It randomly selects a number when you ask for one and if you have the sound on, it will also call out it out. When someone calls out Bingo, the dealer can verify the win by entering the five digit card number.The results are displayed and announced. It comes with everything you need to play bingo.


The numbers are displayed in big fonts so that they are easily visible.
The sound feature calls each number three times in a very clear easy to understand voice.
History of balls called is maintained. Last number called is blinking.
In case of error, you can back up the numbers called.
Set the time interval between each call.
Next number to be called is displayed.
Create you own bingo card for 1 or more players.

Requirements: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/7/8/2003 Server/Vista/\

Thank you!

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Bingo 75 Machine voice caller, sheet printer
Item # - 1592648367

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