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Current Time: Thu Apr 19 2018, 10:22 PM BST
Item #1524464330
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Time left: 3 Days 8 Hrs
Started: Mon Apr 16 2018, 07:22 AM
Ends: Mon Apr 23 07:18:50 2018
Quantity: 1
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Sellers Location: Birmingham West Midlands B14 5PQ UK
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Up for auction I've got Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels DVD

After losing all their money to London crime boss Hatchet Harry in a card game, twentysomething friends Eddy Tom, Soap and Bacon decide to steal from their drug-dealing neighbour, Dog. Using guns stolen from burglars in the employ of Harry, the quartet carry out their heist, leaving their money at Eddy's. However, as they set about disposing of the evidence, they are unaware that the guns they have stolen are in fact even more valuable antiques!

I Do Not Do Collections Post Only

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Feedback will be left once I've received feedback

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Current Bid: 0.99
Closes: 3 Days 2 Hrs
Seller's total listings.. 2  

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Payment Options: PayPal, Money Order

Payment Details: I will also accept Skrill PPPay Payza
    Shipping & Handling... 1.28    
    Item's Insurance........ 0.00    
    Sales Tax, if any.......   0.00    
Total Additions..   1.28    
Shipping Terms: Buyer Pays

Shipping Details: Royal Mail second class
Condition of Item: Great
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Item # - 1524464330

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