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Current Time: Tue Mar 20 2018, 11:19 PM GMT
Item #1522079469
The Century of Warfare Definitive War collection dvd
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Sellers Location: co mayo, ireland
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The Century of Warfare Definitive War collection covering 100
years of War 8 DVD


The Century of Warfare

The Definitive War collection covering 100 years of Warfare

8 discs DVD boxset

DVD - Excellent condition



RUNNING TIME; 1467-MINUTES (24.5 hours approx)



A world history produced in 26 one-hour programmes, this series is the most comprehensive visual record ever assembled, of the conflicts and battles which shaped the last one hundred years.


Disc One: The Road to Armageddon:

01 The Violent Century
02 The World Goes to War: 1900 1914
03 Blood and Mud Trench Warfare in the West: 1914 1918
04 War of the Eagle Eastern Front: 1914 1917
Disc Two: A Revolution in Warfare:

05 Battle Fleets & U-Boats Naval Warfare
06 Aces High Air Warfare: 1914 - 1918
07 War to End All War? 1918 and aftermath
Disc Three: The Rise of the Axis:

08 Enter the Dictators: 1920 - 1935
09 The War Clouds Gather 1935 - 1939
10 Blitzkreig 1939 1941
11 Britain Stands Alone 1940 1941
Disc Four: The Tide Turns:

12 Sand and Sea War War in the Mediterranean 1941 1944
13 Hitler Turns East Eastern Front 1941 1943
14 The Long Road Back Easter Front 1943 1945
Disc Four: The Tide Turns:

12 Sand and Sea War War in the Mediterranean 1941 1944
13 Hitler Turns East Eastern Front 1941 1943
14 The Long Road Back Eastern Front 1943 1945
Disc Five: The Allies Triumphant:

15 Normandy to the Rhine Western Front 1942 1945
16 The End in Europe Eastern and Western Fronts 1945
17 Oriental Blitzkreig Pacific Theatre 1939 1942
18 Jungle and Ocean Pacific Theatre 1943 1945
Disc Six: A New Era of Warfare:

19 The War at Sea 1939 45
20 Air War 1939 1945
21 The Iron Curtain Cold War 1946 1989
22 Oriental Communism Indo China and Korea 1949 1989
Disc Seven Beyond the Cold War:

23 Wars in Peace 1945 1989
24 Vietnam 1955 1989
25 War in the Middle East 1945 1989
Disc Eight Gulf Wars and the Future plus Bonus Material

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PLEASE NOTE. Our item's are listed as REGION 2. If purchasing from outside europe. It is the buyers responsibility to know their own region codes.

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The Century of Warfare Definitive War collection dvd
Item # - 1522079469

The Dutch Item Price Each Is: 14.99

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