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Feedback Information for - Majorbloodknock . .
Feedback Information for Majorbloodknock
Overall Score: 4   Number of Comments for this Member: 4   Rating: 100.0%

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  Total feedbacks rated positive: 4
  Total feedbacks rated neutral: 0
  Total feedbacks rated negative: 0
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 Feedback from:  Luckyseven2011   ( 1 ) Date & Time:  Sun Mar 16, 2014 - 10:23 AM Rate: Item: 1393710861  / B 
 Praise:  seems feedback important to you more then anything and feels you should leave it straight away and now I have left it are you happy NOW
 Feedback from:  Iamnu2   ( 2 ) Date & Time:  Fri Jun 17 2011, 09:51 AM Rate: Item: 1304403738  / S 
 Feedback from:  Firstgraytop   ( 0 ) Date & Time:  Tue Aug 19, 09:21 AM Rate: Item: 1217348278  / S 
 Praise:  Brilliant item excellent packing atrocious dispatch Apologetic seller
 Feedback from:  Gemsgems   ( 2 ) Date & Time:  Tue Jun 27, 09:40 AM Rate: Item: 1152672269  / B 
 Praise:  Friendly buyer, great communications, fast payment, a very easy transaction..recommended to all A+++
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