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Sales of Worcester
We sell just about anything so please come back to my page to see whats new...
Solvo Spiritus
Established in 2004, Paul Barfield psychic in Dines Green Worcester Worcestershire has a lifetime of experience and 26 years of spiritual and healing journeys. In medium-ship, healing, past lives, meditation and psychic detective work, group bookings, demonstrations and teaching Psychic development, meditation, to clients throughout Worcester.
I provide a professional and caring sensitive service of psychic, medium, clairvoyant, healing, Healing courses, meditation and psychic development. Also offering a Spirit Release service to clear people and houses of negative energies and attachments. I empower clients and gives them the strength to make their own choices with their own free will. The service is designed to support comfort and bring clarity and power to clients to help themselves. I do not judge clients in any way, and give honest genuine sensitive caring readings..


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